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ECF — сообщество сертифицированных профессионалов, которые работают по стандартам специализированного 3D коучинга Ⓡ. Мы первые в Восточной Европе и Прибалтике доказали, что проблемы клиента эффективнее решать не в рамках одной методологии коучинга, а добавив к ней лучшее от тренинга, наставничества и экспертного консультирования.

Так появилась система 3D коучинга Ⓡ, которая даёт специалисту гибкость подхода, возможность справляться с более широким кругом задач и находить решение там, где другой скажет «не могу».
Сегодня у нас есть экспертный опыт её применения, проверенный белее чем 20 годами практики. И международная команда специалистов которая успешно решает сложные задачи более чем в 100 специализациях.
ECF (European Coach Federation) is a community of certified professionals working under the standards of a specialised and patented method – 3D Coaching Ⓡ. We are the first ones in the Eastern Europe and the Baltics who proved that the client’s problems can be solved more effectively if not only one coaching methodology is used, amending it by the best traits of training, mentoring and expert consulting.

In result, the 3D Coaching Ⓡ method was created, allowing the specialist to be flexible in choosing an approach, providing a possibility to manage a wider range of tasks and to find a solution in the situations where others will tell “I can’t do it”.
Today we have an expertise in applying this methodology proven by more than 20 years of experience, and the international team of specialists that are successfully solving complex tasks in more than 100 specialisations.


Our aim is to create the atmosphere of trust among coaches, clients, coaching schools and to guarantee high quality services in this field. That is why we are developing 3 key areas.
If you are a coach
We will help you with the studies in accredited schools provided by successful coaches
We will organise your certification and approval by colleagues, business community and other clients
We will provide you with a platform for promoting and exchange of experience with other coaches
We will ensure a customer flow and support you during your professional development
If you are a coaching school
We will help you with the adaptation and adjustment of your program according to the standards of 3D Coaching Ⓡ
We will accredit your program and school in order to make it more attractive for clients
We will share our 20-year experience of successful training of students
We will organise your promotion through webinars, online and offline conferences, meetings
If you are looking for a coach
We will provide you a choice among tens of certified coaches and accredited companies in your subject
We will show you how to choose a specialist able to solve your problem for sure
We will control the quality of the services rendered and we will help in resolving the conflict in case of misunderstandings
If you do not show any progress, we will not make you pay a cent
We are here to answer your questions
Contact us if you think we fit for your project
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