About us

ECF is the professional association of all levels and specialisations coaches.

ECF creates and spreads standards of coaches certification, coaching technologies, coaching programmes certification, coaching schools accreditation.
The true art of a coach lines in quality changes of the clients lives!

ECF yesterday. ECF today. ECF tomorrow.

European Coach Federation (ECF) is the first professional coaching community in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

In 2001, we achieved the official recognition of the term "coaching" in Latvia and since when we maintain high standards of the profession and provide the market with top-ranking specialists.

ECF is a kind of a filter protecting people from low quality services. Our active efforts in training and certification are aimed at educating of narrow-profile world-class coaches. Today ECF has all the necessary tools for training of experts to-be, who are able to inspire people by opening their professional and personal potential through creative process of coaching. We create the elite of coaches, thus ensuring potential quality changes in their future clients' lives. ECF is a supportive environment for personal growth and professional development of coaches.

ECF today is:

Expert of specialised coaching.

International experience since 2002.

More than 250 specialisations in four spheres.

More than 500 accredited coaching programs.

More than 1000 online and offline trainings, master classes.

Four categories of membership.

More than 100 copyrights coaching technologies.

Four degrees of professional certification.

More than 2000 certified coaches in 30 countries.

- 8th February 2002 Yury Galata along with the group of professional coaches organized International coaching association activity. Registration number 50008064961, Riga, Latvia.

- 20th February 2002 the International coaching association starts collaboration with the founder of coaching Thomas Leonard.

- 20th February 2002 as a chairman of the International coaching association Yury Galata gets the rights from Thomas Leonard for two exclusive CoachVille missions in Latvia, Riga and Russian Federation, Moscow.

- from 2002 till 2004 the organization supported and spreaded CoachVille coaches training professional standards using Internet, conferences, exhibitions, coaching professional training programmes, seminars and coach-club. More than 3000 people are introduced to CoachVille certificated professional coach training materials on the markets of Russian Federation and Latvia.

- 26th September 2005 the International association of coaching in Latvia received the status of ”European Coaches Federation” – ECF. Registration number 50008064961, Riga, Latvia.

- 7th January 2008, based on the coaches experience, ECF studied the reasons of clients high results, developed and approved improved 3D Coaching Ⓡ standard for professional coaches training and certification.

- During 2008-2017, the professional society was developing its organizational resources:

• Successful testing of 3D Coaching Ⓡ methodology. Duration of testing process – 10 years. 3D Coaching Ⓡ methodology is tested and proven through practice in 101 specialisation.

• Testing of new coaching models.

• Testing and upgrading of new study programs in training of new business coaches, as well as in life coaching and sport coaching.

• Investigation of needs and demands of coaching users.

• Opening and developing of new specialisations in coaching.

• Organization of workshop sessions in the development of personal and professional efficiency of colleagues.

• Organization of charity events for civil officers – social service specialists, coaches of children sports schools, probation service specialists, social psychologists, foster house directors.

- 7th January 2018, the ECF Committee approved:

• New philosophy of the European Coach Federation;

• Condition s and requirements for certification of ECF coaches;

• Four membership levels for coaches;

• Four membership levels for coaching schools;

• Four membership levels for businessmen and companies;

• Four degrees for certification of coaches: ССС, CSC, CRSC, CRRC;

• Updated standard for accreditation of ASECF coaching schools;

• Updated standard for accreditation of APECF coaching programs;

• Updated standard for accreditation of ACECF coaching programs;

• Improved standard for certification of coaches based on eight proficiencies.

- 11th March 2020, updated ECF logo is confirmed.
European Coach Federation, Society
Reg. Nr: 50008064961
VAT number: LV50008064961
Address: Jūras iela 30, Carnikava, Ādažu novads, Latvija LV2163.
E-mail: info@eurocoach.eu
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