ECF Competences

The true art of a coach lines in quality changes of the clients lives!

 ECF eight attributes of a certified ECF coach

1-Starts powerfully

2-Sees the attitude

3-Understands the context, style

4-Distinguishes the environment

5-Focuses on the most important things

6-Chooses efficient methods

7-Wins maximally

8-Influences the progress

1-Starts powerfully.

This proficiency of a coach can be compared with a powerful start of a Formula 1 race car, which gathers speed immediately and strives for victory. A client is not always aware of what he or she wants and needs to get from the session. The client also cannot always frame an exact request and mark the precise criteria. For some clients, the request is just a formality. Their choice does not match the real benefits they can get from a coaching session. One of the most important tasks for a coach is to be involved in making a correct choice by a client. A certified ECF coach clarifies the client's request, clearing out all the needless. The proficiency to "start powerfully" is an ability of a professional and competent coach to complement the client's attempts by a powerful input of his energy. Having chosen the things vital for him, the client adds the power of his choice. At the moment of making a right choice, the client's responsibility for gaining success in the process of the session increases.

2-Sees the attitude.

A certified ECF coach has a crystal clear vision of the client's attitude to his or her own request (aims, results, changes, problem). By understanding and being aware of authenticity of the client's attitude towards the present and the desired future, a certified ECF coach chooses the proper strategy of collaboration with the client.

3-Understands the context, style.

A certified ECF coach sees and understands the main trends, habits, methods of collaboration and the client's behavior patterns.

4-Distinguishes the environment.

A certified ECF coach directly or indirectly defines the presence of the resisting or supporting environment surrounding the client. An ECF coach builds his or her work based on the particular factors of the client's environment.

5-Focuses on the most important things.

Sometimes the clients want to solve a number of issues in one sessions, despite the fact that these issues require more time. A certified ECF coach is able to establish the primary question and to start working with it successfully.

6-Chooses efficient method.

The choice of a proper method is based on comprehension of personal and professional level of the client's preparation and experience, and depends on clear understanding of the client's situation. Certification within a specialisation area according to ECF standard involves conducting of a session both by implementing the method of coaching and by combining two, three or four methods (coaching, training, mentoring and export consulting). The proportion of coaching and other methods in each session can be chosen based on the participant's wishes and the level of his or her professional maturity, as well as considering other important aspects, based on which the most efficient method of collaboration is selected.

7-Wins maximally.

A certified ECF coach in cooperation with a client ensures winning in every session. To define, to confirm, to receive the client's feedback for ensuring of the maximum possible win at the end of each session - these are some of the competencies of a professional coach.

8-Influences the progress.

To manage the progress is a personal task of each client and his own responsibility area. But the task and the responsibility of a coach is his influence on the quality of management of the progress dynamics. The role of the coach is creation of special conditions and arrangements together with the client, in reconciliation of tasks and objectives to be performed outside the sessions, as well as rendering of support and showing valuable attitude towards the client. All these factors have a substantial influence over the progress indices.
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