ECF is the professional association of all levels and specialisations coaches.

ECF creates and spreads standards of coaches certification, coaching technologies, coaching programmes certification, coaching schools accreditation.
The true art of a coach lines in quality changes of the clients lives!

Specialisation areas

We in ECF see the specialisation (from Lat. specialis — specific, particular, individual) as a profound mastery of a relatively narrow field within the speciality, which ensures the required level of competence necessary for an expert to satisfy the client's demands and needs. Any specialisation is based on the common principles, rules of composition of the coaching process, coaching standards, respective norms, as well as the code of ethics for coaching activity.

The ECF register of coaching specialisations is grouped by coaching areas based on certain specialisations. In ECF, we define coaching specialisation as a narrowed field of activity within the general speciality. For example, CEO's coaching, coaching of sportsmen, coaching of salespeople - these are the areas of specialisation.
Speciality is having a driver license. The area of specialisation defines which mean of transport you drive and what driving category you have. One thing is if you are a car driver, and it is a whole other story if you are the captain of Airbus A380 - the world's biggest aircraft. The same applies to a specialisation of a coach. Specialisation plays a key role - it highlights and distinguishes non-professionals and amateurs from the true experts.

There is a great practical difference between the coaching of a CEO of a large bank or a leading company and the coaching of a CEO of a minor but dynamically growing small-business company. Moreover, specialisation does not simply mean you declare yourself as a CEO's coach. You also have to identify the range of issues you work with successfully: maybe you are efficient in creating of competitive advantage of a company in the market or, for example, in training of leadership qualities of a company's CEO, etc.

If you position your coaching as being sportsmen-oriented, your potential clients want to understand in which sport you are specialising. For example, in game-based or combat sport. For example, you promote your brand as a business coach in sales, and a new consumer will better understand who you are if you mention your main strength areas. Are you specialising in a setup of sales offices? Are you focusing on developing efficiency of sales executives? Maybe you train in B2B or B2C sales? Or do you succeed in B2G or G2B? Precise definition of your profile and your strengths, along with the proves of your accomplishment within the specialisation area, gives you an advantage and convinces the consumer in choosing the right and reliable expert.

Register of specialisations of ECF

Business coaching:

Coaching for CEOs (owners).
Coaching for CEOs (top-managers).
Coaching for chief administrators.
Coaching for administrators.
Coaching for marketing specialists.
Coaching for sales executives.
Coaching for B2B salespersons.
Coaching for B2C salespersons.
Coaching for HR managers (in HR matters).
Leadership coaching.
Coaching for handling board members.
Coaching in strategic development matters.
Coaching for handling a management team.
Coaching for creation and implementation of a company ideology.
Coaching in agreement establishing.
Corporate coaching.
Coaching for business processes.
KPI coaching.
CRM implementation coaching.
Team coaching.
Professional competence coaching.
Coaching in quality / TQM matters.
Coaching in logistics matters.
Coaching for supporting business environments.
Coaching for organisational development.
Corporate culture coaching.
Business ethics / behaviour pattern coaching.
Career coaching.
Startup coaching.
Headhunting coaching.
Coaching for small business.
Coaching for service sector.
Coaching for individual merchants.
Coaching in MLM/network marketing.
Coaching for handling business partners.
Coaching for business improvement.
Business and finance coaching.
New business development coaching.
Coaching for newcomer coaches.
Creativity and innovation coaching.
Coaching in PR matters.
Coaching for sales sector.
Coaching for trademark development.
Coaching in advertisement matters.
Coaching in marketing matters.
Coaching for sales promotion.
Coaching for sales office development.
Coaching for pricing policy development.
Coaching for tourism specialists.
Coaching in budget setting / financial planning matters.

Life coaching:

Success coaching.
Life vision and mission coaching.
Life balance coaching.
Public image coaching.
Communication coaching.
Personal brand coaching.
Personal development coaching.
Coaching for attaining goals / results.
Motivation coaching.
Coaching for concept formation / creativity development.
Problem solving coaching.
Money and finance coaching.
Public speaking coaching.
Career building coaching.
Strategy development coaching.
Time management / goal attaining coaching.
Talent and charisma coaching.
Coaching for change.
Coaching of life stages / lifestyle coaching.
Personal growth coaching.
Coaching for launching a career.
Coaching in dismission and retirement matters.
Coaching for handling teenagers.
Coaching for handling the Generation X.
Coaching for handling work addicts.
Coaching for handling students.
Lifestyle development coaching.
Coaching for change of profession.
Coaching for balance between work and personal life.
Life quality coaching.
Coaching in vegetarianism / strict vegetarianism matters.
Coaching for physical vigour recovery.
Coaching for life rearrangement.
Coaching in eating habits / diet matters.
Weight loss coaching.
Coaching in energy restoration / Reiki matters.
Coaching in travelling / adventure matters.
Coaching in personal style development matters.
Stress relieve coaching.
Coaching in physical well-being matters.
Coaching in physical training / fitness matters.
Relationship coaching.
Coaching for artistic and creative activity.
Coaching in internal consistency matters.
Emotional balance coaching.
Coaching for smoking cessation.
Coaching in personal basis matters.
Coaching in knowledge acquisition matters.
Coaching for confidence gaining.
Coaching in addiction recovery matters.
Coaching for overcoming fear.
Coaching in spiritual matters.
Healthy lifestyle coaching.
Emotional competence coaching.
Practising coach for handling general issues.
Confrontation coaching.
Spiritual life coaching.
Coaching for interpersonal relations.
Marriage coaching.
Coaching for restoration of broken marriage.
Coaching in sexual relationship matters.
Coaching in the matters of relationships with parents.
Teamwork coaching.
Coaching in romance matters.
Coaching in family matters.
Social life coaching.
Coaching in real estate matters.
Coaching in finance / accounting / audit matters.
Coaching in legal matters.
Coaching in medicine matters for healthcare professionals.
Coaching for handling consultants / instructors.
Coaching for handling single parents.
Coaching for handling training specialists.
Coaching for handling speakers.
Coaching for handling probation agency employees.
Coaching for handling priests.
(Coaching for handling church trustees.)
Coaching for handling people with non-traditional orientation.
Coaching for the development of special skills.
Coaching for solving complicated issues.
Coaching in diagnostics matters.
Coaching in internet / network matters.
Coaching in self-management matters.
Coaching in education matters.
Coaching in programming matters.
Coaching for language application / verbalization of ideas.
Coaching in communication matters.
Coaching for young drivers.
Coaching for handling real estate professionals

Training for coaches

Business coach training.
Corporate coach training.
Sales coach training.
Life coach training.
Sports coach training.

Coaching in sports

Summer and Winter Olympic games:
Coaching for rowers. FISA.
Coaching for badminton players. BWF.
Coaching for basketball players. FIBA.
Coaching for baseball players. IBF.
Coaching for boxers. AIBA.
Coaching for wrestlers. FILA.
Coaching for cyclists. UCI.
Coaching for watersports sportsmen. FINA.
Coaching for volleyball players. FIVB.
Coaching for handball players. IHF.
Coaching for gymnasts. FIG.
Coaching for golfers. IGF.
Coaching for canoeists and kayakists. ICF.
Coaching for judoists. UF.
Coaching for horse racing sportsmen. FEI.
Coaching for athletes. IAAF.
Coaching for sailing sportsmen. ISF.
Coaching for long-distance swimmers. MSF.
Coaching for rugby players. IRB.
Coaching for softball players. ISF.
Coaching for modern pentathlon sportsmen. UIPM.
Coaching for shooting sportsmen. ISSF.
Coaching for target archery sportsmen. FITA.
Coaching for tennis players. ITF.
Coaching for tennis players. ITTF.
Coaching for triathlon sportsmen. ITU.
Coaching for taekwondo athletes. WTF.
Coaching for weightlifting sportsmen. IWF.
Coaching for fencers. FIE.
Coaching for football players. FIFA.
Coaching for biathlonists. IBU.
Coaching for bobsledders. FIBT.
Coaching for curling sportsmen.
Coaching for skaters. ISU.
Coaching for skiers. FIS.
Coaching for luge athletes. FIL.
Coaching for hockey players. IHF.

Non-Olympic sports:
Coaching for model aircraft constructors.
Coaching for motorsport sportsmen.
Coaching for model car constructors.
Coaching for aikido athletes.
Coaching for sports acrobatics athletes.
Coaching for acrobatic rock and roll sportsmen.
Coaching for mountain climbers.
Coaching for crossbow shooting sportsmen.
Coaching for armwrestlers.
Coaching for sport aerobics athletes.
Coaching for Thai boxing fighters.
Coaching for Indian river biathlon sportsmen.
Coaching for billiard sportsmen.
Coaching for bodybuilding athletes.
Coaching for sport bowling sportsmen.
Coaching for sport bowling players.
Coaching for cyclo-cross cyclists.
Coaching for helicopter sportsmen.
Coaching for windsurfers.
Coaching for water-skiers.
Coaching for motor-boating sportsmen.
Coaching for kettlebell lifters.
Coaching for golfers.
Coaching for folk rowers.
Coaching for darts players.
Coaching for air trike pilots.
Coaching for hang-gliders.
Coaching for jiu-jitsu combat athletes.
Coaching for sleddog sportsmen.
Coaching for indoor hockey players.
Coaching fockboxers.
Coaching for dog specialists.
Coaching for minifootball players.
Coaching for motoball players.
Coaching for motorcycling sportsmen.
Coaching for Naturbahn luge sportsmen.
Coaching for orienteering sportsmen.
Coaching for paragliders.
Coaching for parachutists.
Coaching for powerlifters.
Coaching for gliding sportsmen.
Coaching for underwater sportsmen.
Coaching for fire-fighting sportsmen.
Coaching for poliathlon athletes.
Coaching for radiosportsmen.
Coaching for model rocket constructors.
Coaching for rugby players.
Coaching for rinkball players.
Coaching for rollerskating sportsmen.
Coaching for close combat athletes.
Coaching for sport fishing.
Coaching for air sports.
Coaching for sport climbing.
Coaching for squash players.
Coaching for model boat constructors.
Coaching for dance sportsmen.
Coaching for sport tourism.
Coaching for funboarding sportsmen.
Coaching for floorball players.
Coaching for futsal players.
Coaching for ball hockey players.
Coaching for chess players.
Coaching for checkers players.
Coaching for extremal sport sportsmen
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