ECF is the professional association of all levels and specialisations coaches.

ECF creates and spreads standards of coaches certification, coaching technologies, coaching programmes certification, coaching schools accreditation
The true art of a coach lines in quality changes of the clients lives!

ECF Code

A certified ECF coach performs his or her professional activity in line with the ECF Code of Ethics


– I will never disclose any information provided to me by the client.

– I will maintain strict confidentiality with regard to the client in compliance with the applicable laws.

– I will take all precautionary measures to protect data related to the client.

Attitude towards the Client

– I promise to demonstrate a winning attitude toward the client

– I will maintain high proficiency in my work and follow high standards of ethical and moral conduct.

– I will be fully responsible for quality of my services.

– I will be responsive to any of my clients’ manifestations.

– I will show friendly attitude in working with my clients.

– I will be unbiased and I will treat my clients with justice.

– I will build credible and trustworthy relations with each client.

– I will treat all clients equally.

– I will be honest with my clients.

– I will not give rise to any liaison or sexual intercourse with any of my clients.

– I will go beyond my personal stereotypes in working with the clients.

– I will encourage my clients.

– I promise to accept any rate of the client’s progress.

– I will be open with my clients and I will have no hidden intentions towards them.


– I promise to build cooperation with a client under the principle of a maximum possible win.

– I will explain to the client techniques applicable in couching, where necessary.

– I will take care of the client even in case of resistance.

– I will never manipulate with the client in my work.

– I will not impose my expectations upon the client.

– I will listen to my client’s needs.

– I will take into account the client’s point of view.

– I will maintain resourceful state of mind when working with the client.

– I will be impartial and unbiased with my client.

– I will recognize the client’s right of choice.

– I will enable the client to choose his/her own approach in our interaction.

– I will implement the client’s suggestions only in those instances when the client gives consent to do so.

– If coaching activities do not give the desired effect, I will to stop interaction with that client.

– I will acknowledge and respect the copyright of ECF and my colleagues.

– I will not in any way use the data of the ECF members without their approval and consent.

– I hereby guarantee that I will never distribute any kind of spam e-mails among the ECF members.


– From the very beginning of the coaching process, I will inform the client about the potential results to be expected.

– I will provide my services in due time in compliance with the established session schedule.

– I will, at all times, strive to achieve the highest level of proficiency that will enable the client to act and make decisions unaided.

– I will comply with the highest standards of the coach’s professionalism and personality in every session.

– I will provide the benefits for which the client contributes his/her time, efforts and money.

– I will support the client in creating environment encouraging his/her growth.

– Where necessary, I will offer a greater variety of coaching methods for future use.

– I will not hold the client back from being honest and open in expressing his/her feelings without having concern for being counterattacked.

– I will avoid situations where the client may be put at a disadvantage.

– I will respect the client’s right to terminate the coaching relationship at any time.

– I will show respect for extraordinary circumstances faced by the client.

– I will take the responsibility for providing an appropriate place to conduct coaching sessions.

– I will duly and timely provide the client with information about prices, procedures and any changes thereof.

Coach Training

– I will duly inform the client about my ECF certifications, coaching experience, expertise and qualification.

– I will not make any false or misleading statements about my level of training, expertise and credentials.

– I will comply with high professional standards of the ECF.

– I will constantly strive to improve my qualification and skills to meet the highest coaching standards of the

– I will maintain a high level competence in all areas of my expertise.

– I will be a guide to success for my clients.


– I will strive to be a coach who is able to advance the client towards success and achieve the desired result within the set time-frame.

– I will express myself on such level of being to encourage the development of the client.

– I will be alert to any changes in the client’s development and promise to notify him/her thereof.
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